Penned August 23, 2020

Nurse in ppe

Lord God, today I come to you with everything of me. I lay to you my tired body, heart, and mind. I know that only you can fully understand how it is to be in my shoes. And I know that you deeply care for me.

Thank you, God, for giving me my daily strength. I never knew I have it in me, but you sustain me. Thank you for keeping me safe and healthy. Above all, thank you for using me as an instrument for whatever purpose you have. I trust in your sovereignty, for I know that you are infinitely good.

Forgive me Lord for all the things I have committed that displease you. May you continue to guide me that I may always show compassion, mercy, love, and grace as you have done to me.

Help me Lord to have an ear that listens to you. Help me to have a bigger heart to serve your will. And may you give me the courage and faith to obey you.

Father God, continue to put me under your wings. Protect my family and colleagues. Open our eyes to see that there is hope. May you lift our heads and give us the confidence that we are doing enough. 

We do not know the end of this. But we know that everything that you allow has its purpose. And may you find us pleasing in your sight. 

May you restore our strength and lengthen our patience. And may you always walk before us.

I praise you for everything. My hope and my delight remain in you.

And this I pray, in the name of Jesus. Amen

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