I am God's Princes

this is my story:

As a young child, I have learned in Sunday School that Jesus loves me. And I believed it with all my heart. 

During my teens, I’ve lost my identity – my identity as God’s precious child and my parent’s beloved daughter.

It dragged me into the lie that I am not loved. I was very critical and I hated myself. I believed that I was beyond forgiveness. There was a time when I did everything to correct my wrongdoings. But it seems that no one can see the effort that I was putting in. I feel shunned by the people I care about greatly.

My desire to be accepted and loved resulted in compromising my values. I struggled with self-loathing, insecurity, depression, and suicidal thoughts. And during these times I clung to the only friends that I could trust with my brokenness. They were the hundred of notebooks that served as my journal. 

But then God rescued me through motherhood. As I nurture the life in my womb, God repaired my broken heart. Through the birth of my son, I was birthed as a new woman.


The unlovable woman I labeled myself became a Delighted Woman whose joy (always persevering) is centered in Christ. I realized that I only need to surrender myself to Jesus. And nothing that I can do will ever compare to His love for me. 


God’s overwhelming love became so real in my life that I wanted to encourage women through my stories. I wanted to create a community of women celebrating sisterhood.

sisterhood quotes

And this was the inspiration why Delighted Woman was created. It is with the hope that through stories and learning, you will feel that you are God’s most precious princess.

About the Author

Joan is a wife, a mom, a nurse, and an advocate. On a professional note, she is known for her leadership, her writings, and her service as a public servant. But in her heart, she only wishes to glorify God and to let her story sends a ripple of inspiration across women.